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Ah, the holiday season: In addition to our pocketbooks and our waistlines, our garments can take a beating this time of year, given all the cooking and eating we’re doing. If you want to spiff up your wardrobe ahead of the Christmas party—or de-stain that dress or shirt afterwards—look no further than Gadue’s Dry Cleaning!

With our tried-and-true dry cleaning services, we’ll make sure you’re looking your best during this special (and sometimes stressful) corner of the calendar.

Top-Shelf Equipment

Here at Gadue’s, our cleaning facilities and technologies are second to none. We employ state-of-the-art Italian-made machines as well as the environmentally friendly (and industry-leading) Kreussler SystemK4, which uses a halogen-free solvent rather than the usual perchloroethylene. Availing ourselves of the finest, most dependable tools of the trade helps us make sure we’re delivering the highest level of service to our customers that we possibly can.

Placing Your Garments in Expert Hands

And it’s not just the caliber of our hardware that sets us apart: It’s also our meticulous and complex cleaning protocol, refined over 40 years in the business. Gadue’s trademarks such as the “Ready to Wear, Ready on Time: Guaranteed” and “Request Assured” aren’t just catchphrases, but reflections of the care, attention, and timeliness that guides each and every order we process.

Holiday garments may be especially delicate or downright irreplaceable: fragile items or heirlooms you don’t want subjected to everyday cleaning. Gadue’s applies our fine-focus “Signature Service” to such clothing, an approach we develop based on a given item’s specific design and specific needs and one which typically involves cleaning by hand.

A Little Holiday Cheer From Gadue’s Dry Cleaning

The holidays are chaotic enough without fretting about clothes (or linens, for that matter, which we’ll also happily clean for you). Let Gadue’s Dry Cleaning take some of the stress off your plate and provide you with great-looking garments: We’ll show them the love they deserve!



An Organized Closet

This month, Gadue’s is offering a super-convenient special: “Free Storage With Your Storage Order!”

It’s the perfect deal for the season, given that now’s the time we’re getting ready to stow away the bulky winter wardrobe to unveil our summer duds. Instead of cramming your off-season clothes into a closet or attic, let Gadue’s expertly clean and store them for you—and press them when you’re ready to pick them up again!

The Ugly Side of Spring

Besides clogging your home and wrecking your feng-shui, jamming clothes away shortens their lifespan—particularly when they’re still grubby and salt-streaked from a long season of use. Stockpiling heavy coats, snowpants, and other winterwear can encourage clothing moths and other pests that love dark, stuffed hideaways. And as we wrote about last year, those heaps of garments can even be something of a fire hazard.

The Gadue’s Solution

Gadue’s can fix all that. With our May special, all you pay for is the dry cleaning. Meanwhile, you free up space in your house while resting assured that your winter clothes are being properly cleaned and looked-after at our state-of-the-art facility. When the days start shortening again and the temperatures start dropping, we’ll return your cold-season garments after giving them a thorough pressing—no more musty blast when retrieving your parka. Now that’s what we call a good deal!

We’ve all got sunshine, ice cream, and lazy summer evenings on the brain after another bone-chilling slog of a Vermont winter. Embrace the season by taking advantage of our “Free Storage With Your Storage Order” deal—and do it soon! May’s slipping away already…



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