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Prepare Your Table Linens For The Holiday Season

by aline on November 17, 2014

Holiday dessertsNow that Halloween’s shuffled offstage, we’re staring down that high-intensity stretch of the holiday season when your weekly planner starts filling up with big family and friend get-togethers.

As joyous as these communal celebrations can be, there’s no question it’s a stressful time—especially if you’re the one hosting. In particular, the state of your table linens may be weighing on your nerves, given all the feasting that defines Thanksgiving and the other year-end festivities.

Gadue’s Linen Services

First off, let’s acknowledge the obvious: Maintaining an immaculate tablecloth that’s nonetheless designed for heavy use with food-laden plates and brimming wineglasses can seem a cruel and unreasonable standard.

There’s hope, though. Whether you need to prep your linens for an upcoming meal or restore them afterward, trust Gadue’s to do the job with our trademark care and precision!

Table linens pose quite a challenge for cleaning. They’re often inherently delicate, and the more ornate can have a great deal of textural variety, from detailed embroidery to fancy trim. And for many, linens are expensive long-term investments—or treasured, invaluable family heirlooms. Improper cleaning can damage or outright ruin these materials, so it’s well worth it to turn to the experts.

Gadue’s has the skill and expertise to safely clean any kind of table linen. After we’ve tended to your tablecloth, it’ll look brand new—ready to impress your guests in a dinner display worthy of a glossy lifestyle magazine. Martha Stewart has nothing on you when you have Gadue’s linen service on your side!

And Speaking of Linens

Our linen service isn’t just confined to the realm of the dining table. We can also get those bed sheets of yours into hotel-worthy form! C’mon: You deserve sheets of the highest quality to support your beauty sleep, which at its best always feels deliciously luxurious.

Transforming your home linens for the better is made blissfully easy with Gadue’s linen service. We can help you get ready for those holiday gatherings—and the restorative slumber you need this time of year more than any other!

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