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How We Safeguard Your Information

by aline on January 29, 2015


Dear Valued Client,

As you may have heard, another local dry cleaner recently suffered a data breach and their customers’ names and credit card numbers were hacked. I’m writing to assure you of the safety of your personal and financial information with Gadue’s Dry Cleaning.

Here are the steps we take every day to keep your information safe:

- Updated Point of Sale System

Nearly three years ago, we upgraded all of our computer systems. We switched point of sale systems to an industry-leading company called SPOT. (Find SPOT online at Our software is tested regularly, and updated monthly.

- Encrypted Credit Card Swipes and Tokenization

As soon as the technology was available to us through SPOT, we upgraded to encrypted credit card swipes and the tokenization of credit card numbers. This means that your credit card numbers are never stored or transmitted in plain numerical format in our system, even from the very moment that we swipe your card. All credit card numbers held on file at Gadue’s are stored as long strings of non-sensitive numbers called “tokens”. When we charge a credit card, that token is sent to our credit card processor, PayPros, and decrypted there. Between Gadue’s, SPOT and PayPros, PayPros ( is the only one who actually has access to your full 15 or 16 digit credit card number.

We at Gadue’s consider keeping our clients’ information safe one of our top priorities. We have invested in the absolute best technology available to secure your privacy, and we will continue to do so. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reply to this email directly.

Best regards,

Aline Gadue Stirling


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