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How To Make A Halloween Costume With Wire Hangers From Your Friendly Neighborhood Dry Cleaner

by aline on October 19, 2014

fairy dress halloween costume

You know you can count on Gadue’s Dry Cleaning for restoring garments to good as new condition.

Did you know, though, that we can also help you lock down a Halloween costume for you or your child?

That’s right: Our dry cleaning hangers can become the (hidden) centerpiece of a stellar—and affordable—set of angel/butterfly/ladybug wings!

The Basics

Whether it’s for an adorable child or a mischievous adult, an angel or butterfly costume makes for failsafe Halloween garb, sure to elicit smiles. Such a costume, of course, needs a standout pair of contoured wings—and that’s where our wire hangers come into play.

You can find a whole slew of online how to primers on angel/butterfly wing making with hangers (see the end of the post for a compiled list). There are several variations, and you can decide which seems easiest or most fun to pursue.

Basically, though, what you’ll be doing is shaping a pair of hangers by bending them into the desired form. Then you’ll be straightening and aligning the hooks and connecting them with duct tape. Finally, you’ll be draping them in some suitable wing-cover material, such as pantyhose or cellophane.

Over at “Cathie and Steve’s Handmade Happy Hour,” they recommend employing a third hanger to pull off fairy (or butterfly) wings. Two hangers serve as the larger, broader upper wings; the third can be bent to create two small wing-loops, forming a lower set. This pattern, too, calls for straightening the hooks of all three hangers and binding them snugly together.

Cathie and Steve's Handmade Happy Hour

This “Mommy Blessings” pattern, meanwhile, uses four hangers—but it’s the same idea.

Mommy Blessings

After you fit tights, cellophane, or some other material, you may want to use a decorating kit with things like spider webs, spiders or glitter–or perhaps your own scare tactics will really bring the wings to life!

Make Gadue’s Part of Your Halloween

You know as well as we do that you can spend an awful lot of money on a fancy Halloween costume (or a chintzy one that’s nonetheless overpriced).

But you certainly don’t have to. It’s much more fun to use a few inexpensive materials to construct a costume yourself. If these angel or insect wings are meant for your child, the project is all the more enjoyable—a great excuse to let your kid’s creativity blossom with you on hand to facilitate the craftwork.

If there’s one thing we have a lot of at Gadue’s, it’s hangers. When you use our services this month, stockpile a few and you’ll have the main components of a Halloween masterpiece!

Tutorials for reference:


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