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Trust Gadue’s To Clean and Store Your Winter Clothes

by aline on May 21, 2015

An Organized Closet

This month, Gadue’s is offering a super-convenient special: “Free Storage With Your Storage Order!”

It’s the perfect deal for the season, given that now’s the time we’re getting ready to stow away the bulky winter wardrobe to unveil our summer duds. Instead of cramming your off-season clothes into a closet or attic, let Gadue’s expertly clean and store them for you—and press them when you’re ready to pick them up again!

The Ugly Side of Spring

Besides clogging your home and wrecking your feng-shui, jamming clothes away shortens their lifespan—particularly when they’re still grubby and salt-streaked from a long season of use. Stockpiling heavy coats, snowpants, and other winterwear can encourage clothing moths and other pests that love dark, stuffed hideaways. And as we wrote about last year, those heaps of garments can even be something of a fire hazard.

The Gadue’s Solution

Gadue’s can fix all that. With our May special, all you pay for is the dry cleaning. Meanwhile, you free up space in your house while resting assured that your winter clothes are being properly cleaned and looked-after at our state-of-the-art facility. When the days start shortening again and the temperatures start dropping, we’ll return your cold-season garments after giving them a thorough pressing—no more musty blast when retrieving your parka. Now that’s what we call a good deal!

We’ve all got sunshine, ice cream, and lazy summer evenings on the brain after another bone-chilling slog of a Vermont winter. Embrace the season by taking advantage of our “Free Storage With Your Storage Order” deal—and do it soon! May’s slipping away already…


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