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Spring Cleaning—It’s A Lifesaver (Really!)

by aline on April 21, 2014

Spring Cleaning—It’s A Lifesaver (Really!)

Spring’s in the air—and after our heavy-duty Vermont winter, it feels mighty good. It’s the season for spring cleaning, putting that pent up cabin fever energy to good use removing clutter after a long hibernation.

Spring cleaning isn’t just about tidiness: It can be an important safety measure as well. Besides fundamentals such as ensuring you’ve got a working, up-to-code smoke alarm and fire extinguisher, properly storing your off season clothing helps you minimize the chance of a fire in your home.

We’ll Clean and Store Your Stuff—and Help Protect You

That’s where Gadue’s Dry Cleaning comes in. We’ll happily take your winter clothes off your hands (temporarily, of course) as you get your house in shape for the warm season. Parkas, mittens, sweaters—these are bulky items. Cramming them in closets, drawers, and attics both robs you of room and heightens the risk of a fire.

Furthermore, storing whatever, wherever you can, isn’t good for the clothes. This is especially true when you’re putting them away dirty with salt streaks, mud, and other wintertime grime. At Gadue’s, we first give your off season garments a thorough dry cleaning before properly storing them. When you’re ready, we’ll press them before returning them to you so you’re receiving clothes in topnotch condition for another season’s use.

Take advantage of Gadue’s clothes storage and you’ll reduce your risks. On that count, remember that spring cleaning also provides an excellent excuse to review your household’s emergency plan (every family should have one) and do a thorough safety inspection of electrical outlets, furniture, and other home elements.

Springtime Special

To assist with your spring cleaning duties, Gadue’s is offering a storage special this May: With our “FREE Storage With Your Storage Order” offer, you only pay for the dry cleaning of your winter clothes—we’ll store them for free.

Protect yourself, your belongings, and the lifespan of your winter duds by bringing them to Gadue’s for summer-long storage. You’ll also end up with a little more free space and feng shui in your home!

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