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Wedding Gowns Cleaned In House, Not Outsourced

by aline on October 7, 2013

Wedding Gown Dry CleanedAt Gadue’s, we don’t have to be reminded of the preciousness of your wedding gown. This isn’t just another piece of fabric: It’s a symbol—and an elegantly beautiful heirloom. You need it flawlessly pressed before the big day and flawlessly cleaned afterward.

You may not be aware how common it is for other dry cleaners to outsource work—often to Canada. If you’re interested in having your dress cared for right here in Vermont, turn to Gadue’s. We never settle for serviceable: It’s all about maintaining the premier quality we’ve committed to from day one.

Top-Shelf Work for Your Special Day

With decades of experience under our belt, we’re thoroughly equipped to process your wedding gown with extra-special care—bringing the most advanced cleaning techniques and practices to the task. These dresses, of course, come in a huge variety of styles and materials; you want a cleaner who can handle all of them with unfailing precision, dedication, and devotion.

Whether it’s dry or wet cleaning, we have the tools and know-how to treat your gown while maintaining its original size and shape—and tackling any repairs, big or small, that demand attention. You’ll receive the dress exquisitely packaged within a museum-quality box, each layer separated by acid-free paper. It’s the kind of final presentation that reflects the care expressed throughout the entire nuts-and-bolts process.

Quality Assured

If you need a faster turnaround than usual, we can accommodate. We’re entirely devoted to giving our clients the satisfaction they deserve the first time around.

Don’t relinquish your most important and symbolic garment to a company that’ll pass it off to someone else. Trust Gadue’s to be the sharp-eyed, sure-handed wards of your one-of-a-kind wedding dress: We won’t let you down.

Photo credit: xubangwen

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