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Do Different Orders Go Into the Same Machines Together?

by aline on September 21, 2013

Baby and Clothes with SYSTEMK4 at Gadue'sWhen you drop off an item of clothing at Gadue’s, will it end up mixed with those of other clients in the machines?

If only we could report of an endless row of machines and a proprietary fairy dust to sprinkle on each article individually! The short answer is: Yes, garments do mingle with one another during portions of the cleaning process.

You can be fully confident, however, that your possessions are given focused and attentive treatment with us—our system’s a meticulously designed one, honed and refined across decades of continuous business. We tag every article that comes our way so that we can track it throughout the entire cleaning and finishing process. We sort colors from dark to light and separate the dry from the wet cleaning. Our loads range up to 80 lbs., and we keep tight tabs on each garment within.

We’re proud to offer top-of-the-line and environmentally responsible cleaning and processing technology. We distill and filter our solvent to recycle it to crystal-clean perfection. Our factory machinery includes a sorting conveyor that can automatically match pants with jackets, tie them together, and sheath them in biodegradable plastic bags.

As precise as our factory line is, we can also easily give an item individualized treatment—removing it for hand-bagging, special folding, or what have you—if a client so desires.

That’s what it’s all about, after all: you, the client. And we mean it, too—our operations are driven by a “Request Assured” program commitment. This is our unflagging dedication to our clients’ specific instructions and hopes for their garments. We don’t rush the consultation process: We want to hear all the background, all the relevant details, and all the expectations for every order. The idea is to give you exactly what you need—the first time around.

Our deep experience and premier technology ensure your garments are given topnotch care and attention from the moment you deliver them to us to the moment you pick them up. Articles mingle and separate as the process dictates, but we never lose sight of them.

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