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What Happens After You Drop Clothes Off at the Dry Cleaner?

by aline on September 12, 2013

Dry Cleaning Behind The Scenes At GaduesEver wonder what actually happens to your garments after you drop them off at the dry cleaner? Gadue’s stars in a new video that details the process—come check it out!

Here’s a brief rundown of what we’re doing with your clothing, and how you can keep in touch with us wherever and whenever you wish.

How It Works

After a thorough information-gathering session with each client—during which we encourage you to share everything you can about your item—we scrutinize the garment for stains and any necessary repairs. In the process we also fully catalog your order, labeling it with a tag or barcode and entering it into our system.

We start our work treating any stains and then sorting and prepping clothing for the dry-cleaning process. In our top-of-the-line machines, garments are cleansed with a solvent-detergent formulation and a secondary solvent wash, and then dried. We’ll again examine the items coming out of the machines for stains and tackle any that remain.

We’ll finish up the operations by hand-pressing garments (after readying them with a steam treatment in many cases), conducting a final visual review, and then marshaling together items on the same order (using those barcodes or tags) and bagging them.

The whole well-oiled procedure combines skillful human hands and eyes with advanced, specialized dry-cleaning machinery—the end result being consistently high-quality performance.

Keeping in Touch

We pride ourselves on strong client communication and quality control. Interfacing with our customers ideally goes beyond conversations during drop off and pickup. One exciting medium is the MyDryCleaner mobile app, through which you can keep track of your garment and receive a notification when it’s ready to be retrieved. Furthermore, the app allows you to send notes to us; in the near future you’ll even be able to pay your bill through it. Exciting stuff!

We invite you to connect with us by phone (802.879.3144) or in person. Also, please visit with us via our website, and blog, as well as our Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts. Besides simply posting news and promotions, we hope this online presence fosters a vibrant virtual community.

Enjoy our video, engage us in cyberspace, and otherwise stay in touch with Gadue’s. We’re happy to serve you—and happy to pull back the curtains to show you what really goes on behind the scenes here!

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