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Professional Dry Cleaning
At Gadue's, we've always tried to go the extra mile while cleaning your clothes. We know how expensive clothes can be, and we know that you need to maintain a professional image. That’s why, at Gadue’s Dry Cleaning we have made the commitment to own and operate the best available dry cleaning technology in the world. Our dry cleaning machines are imported directly from Italy where they are hand crafted in a sparkling new factory. Not only are these machines environmentally safe, they are technological marvels when it comes to the control they give to certified master dry cleaners like us. With computer technology we can control both the time and temperature of the cleaning and drying cycles. With the addition of our Kreussler Soap and Sizing, your clothes are effectively treated with a product as delicate as you might see in a fine hair care conditioner. Rest assured, the Gadue's Dry Cleaning logo means that you're getting the very best dry cleaning available.

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Environmental Wet Cleaning

Professional Wet Cleaning is a dramatic advancement in the technology of fabricare. Wet Cleaning first of all means cleaning clothes in water. Water has chemical properties that are much different than dry cleaning solvent. In some cases, water is actually harsher on fabrics than dry cleaning. However, some fabrics do not perform well in dry cleaning so they need to be cleaned in water. The balancing act then becomes to control the temperature of the water, the speed of the drum turning (i.e. agitation) and the harsh chemical impact of water on some of your delicate and fragile fabrics in order to prevent them from being damaged. Our Miele Professional Wet Cleaning System gives Gadue’s Dry Cleaning the flexibility and the control we need to clean almost any fabric. By strictly controlling water temperature and garment agitation, and by the addition of specially blended Kreussler soaps and sizings, your clothes can be cleaned with gentle precision, and dried the same way. Never trust your fine “dry clean only” clothes to less than Professional Wet Cleaning by Gadue’s Dry Cleaning and Miele. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Professional Shirt Laundry
We have a large and loyal following of laundered shirt customers, for very good reason. We use Kreussler’s Trebon Plus detergent, which promises that your shirts will be whiter, brighter, and longer lasting. All stains are treated before shirts are washed. Customers have several finishing options, including having their shirts starched or not, and hung or folded. Quality is important to us, and we've invested in the best shirt pressing equipment available. Gadue's is the only local cleaner to use a special enzyme detergent, which guarantees a beautiful white shirt with no ring around the collar. Other cleaners use extremely hot 160 degree water and bleach known to cause shrinkage and damage shirt fibers. Our process uses 140 degree wash temperature and absolutely no bleach – your shirts will last up to 40% longer. We know that the collars, cuffs, fronts and the backs of the shirts have to look as good as possible, so we touch them up by hand whenever necessary. We check for broken or missing buttons, and we replace them. All in all, thousands of the best-looking shirts in Chittenden County go through our doors each week.

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Expert Stain Removal

We pride ourselves on our stain removal: some of the most important work that we do takes place at the spotting board. Unlike other companies, we attempt to remove stains two or three times before we quit—always considering the particular fabric we're working on so that no damage is done to the garment. And unlike competitors, our spotting technicians keep up-to-date about the safest and best possible stain-removal techniques and chemicals. The secret to stain removal is to know what strength spot remover to use and when. We have every effective stain remover on the market, including bleaches, and the knowledge to use them professionally. Trust your stains to us.

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Signature Service

There are times when simply cleaning a garment the regular way is not nearly good enough. The garment may have a designer label or it may be very difficult to clean for some reason. It may be that one of our clients has particular needs that cannot be accomplished in the normal flow of work through our facility. Or, it may be a very special and unique garment to which our client attaches great significance. In such a case, individual attention may be required either during cleaning or during pressing. This is a garment with very specialized handling requirements.

Garment care at this level requires a combination of our most creative thought process, our most focused attention to detail and our highest level of technical skill. Restoration of these unique garments requires us to call upon all of our 30 years of knowledge and experience. These are the garments that challenge our most modern and sensitive equipment.

● Signature Service is performed on individual garments with one of our trained experts focusing exclusively on that garment.

Signature Service garments are cleaned primarily by hand.

Signature Service features testing of all dyes and embellishments.

Signature Service garments are cleaned in a gentle process with low temperature cleaning and low speed extraction and finally low temperature drying. This is an operation specifically designed to limit wear and tear on the garment.

Signature Service features hand pressing in the French style from years ago. Seam impressions are avoided as well as any shine. Garments are crisp or soft, depending upon the fabric.

Your Signature Service garment is then packaged with custom tissue paper and placed on a custom hanger. Special garment covers are also used for each garment. These are useful as dust covers since fine fabrics should never be stored in plastic.

Signature Service garments receive our highest level of inspection.

Signature Service is our guarantee that your garment will receive our full and undivided attention. You have made a significant investment in your clothes. Some garments should never just become part of the mix. Exclusive garments deserve exclusive handling. That is the very essence of our Signature Service.

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Request Assured

Years ago, there was a very famous study about the dry cleaning industry in Money Magazine. The results of that study were not flattering to dry cleaners.An amazingly high percentage of cleaning customers were dissatisfied with the service they received at their dry cleaners.Their negative reactions were both subjective, relating to how they were treated, and objective, relating to a statistical review of cleaning performance.Dry cleaners, more often than not, failed in both categories. In other words, they weren’t even polite about the bad work they did.

One of the most devastating facts gathered in the Money Magazine test was that specific client requests for special attention were ignored again and again.Specifically, a dry cleaning client would bring a garment to the so called fabric care expert with a particular stain in a specific place, and ask for that stain to be removed. The person at the counter would usually make a note of the request, but the dry cleaning company would then fail to follow through with their promise to pay particular attention to that client’s problem. When the client returned to pay for the restoration work done to the garment, the exact same stain that was the object of their specific request was often still present. If the request was to prevent double creases in the client’s pants, often the pants would be returned with double creases still there.Clients felt betrayed, angry and resentful that their problem went unsolved in spite of investing money in what they hoped would be a more satisfactory result. The Money Magazine survey proved no one at the dry cleaners was listening to the client. No one really cared about the client and their needs.Obviously, this is a recipe for business disaster, and the dry cleaning industry was ridiculed for their poor performance as a group.

In response to this problem, Gadue’s Dry Cleaning developed a plan to ensure that any request a client specifically made of our company would be performed the first time to the client’s complete satisfaction if possible. Clients were not only listened to, they were encouraged to share any relevant information they had about their clothes, and the work that they were requesting be done.

This program had the dual benefit of improving client relations and building the Gadue brand for reliable service, as well as producing a product of much higher quality for the clients. Using our Request Assured program, through a system of identification and inspection, Gadue’s was able to exceed the very fair expectations of the clients.In this way, clients are heard, the information is conveyed throughout the system, the result is inspected, that inspection is certified, and the product is thus delivered. The Gadue’s client actually gets what they pay for and what they expect.

Clients are willing to pay for good value, and Request Assured is one of many tools that Gadue’s Dry Cleaning uses to produce a product of which they and their clients can both be proud.

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Professional Alterations & Repairs
Did you find the perfect pair of pants…except they're the wrong size or they're too long? Or, the classic scenario: "I'm a size 12, it's a size 12…but, it just doesn't hang right." Or perhaps your very expensive winter coat just needs a new zipper. Why spend the money to replace the coat when our professional sewing staff can expertly replace the zipper, at a much lower cost to you? There are many, many reasons why you might need alterations or repairs, not the least of which is the fact that clothes are expensive and you want them to last as long as possible. That's why Gadue's Dry Cleaning employs three seamstresses. We can fix your hem, replace your buttons, or entirely re-tailor your new dress. All at a reasonable price, and with a turn-around of two to three weeks.

Visit Our Professional Tailors Today:

430 Shelburne Road
Burlington: (802) 864-5532

1164 Williston Road,
South Burlington (next to Chicken Charlie's): (802) 862-7205
Fittings Saturdays, 9:00am-1pm
*Some fitting availability Tuesday and Wednesday 9:30am-2:30pm while Sunny is also acting as a Customer Service Representative*

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Fire Damage and Water Restoration

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Wedding Gown Cleaning, Repair, and Preservation

Your wedding day is one of the most magical days of your life. It can also be a very stressful occasion. Expensive wedding gowns can suffer a lot of wear in just one day: grass stains can seem to magically appear on the hem when the photographer is done. On the dance floor, it certainly wasn't intentional that your flower girl ended up twirling on your train. Champagne spills might not show up right away, but after champagne dries, it leaves a nasty brown stain. And white has always been a magnet for things like cake. After your special day, bring your wedding dress to us, and we'll take care of your adventures with grass, champagne, and cake.

If your gown requires professional wet cleaning in order to be cleaned properly because of fabrics or accessories, we have the knowledge and the special detergents and conditioners to do it correctly. Your silk or linen gown will be professionally dry cleaned, using our Kreussler system. Our sizing helps maintain your gown's original body and texture for that like-new finish. If your gown needs repairs, our professional alterations staff will do their best to get your dress back to perfect condition.

When we're done, you’ll have an opportunity to inspect your gown before we box it, to ensure your satisfaction. We'll box your gown in a museum quality, acid-free box and use acid-free paper between every layer of your dress. (*Remember: store your gown in a cool, dry place to maintain its good condition. Humid attics or damp cellars can defeat even the finest storage box.*) Then, you can take your gown home—all for a reasonable price. Trust us—we're turning wedding gowns into heirlooms.

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During the summer, we know how hard it is to find space to store your winter wardrobe. And vice-versa for winter storage of summer wear. That's where we at Gadue's Dry Cleaning come in: why not let us take over the chore of storing your clothes? We'll professionally dry clean each garment, store them all safely, and press them perfectly when they're needed again. All we need is a week's notice before you pick up your clothes. Now, you can have space for more important things, and have great looking clothes with the change of seasons.

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Water Repel

We employ a special Teflon water repel spray that can be used on any outerwear piece, including technical Goretex shells, ski parkas, raincoats, and ski pants.

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Household Items

Trust us with your drapes and comforters. We'll give them the same special, professional treatment your clothes get every time you visit us.

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Leather/Suede/Fur Cleaning by SuedeArt

Allow 2 weeks for cleaning. Prices vary. Visit the Suedart website at:

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