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Mark Gadue Featured in “National Clothesline”

by aline on October 22, 2010

National Clothesline is a national dry cleaning trade newspaper  that is published monthly.  They profile a different owner every month.  For the October issue, they selected Mark Gadue!

This is a wonderfully written article that reveals (drum roll please!) that Gadue’s Dry Cleaning has been testing a brand-new, revolutionary dry cleaning solvent since April.  This solvent is biodegradable and non-toxic.  In other words: totally safe for the environment, and totally safe for human health.  When the article was written, that was about as much as we could reveal.  Stay tuned for more details!  In the meantime, please enjoy the article!

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Rod Christy December 6, 2010 at 7:15 pm


Hope this finds you well!

As I perused WCAX for the snow/ski conditions today, I saw the article featuring Gadue’s use of the environmentally benign cleaner, and thought I would say Hi, and GOOD WORK!

I remember your interest in addressing the environmental issues way back when we played hoops together at St. Mikes. Glad to see you have continued that interest, and have passed it along to (I am guessing) your daughter. (cant believe the little kid at some early 90′s hoops games is no running the company! That, as well as turning 60 this year,really makes me feel old!)

Hope you are continuing to play hoops and having fun with it. Say hi to anyone who I know (and probably maimed with my no look passes).

Rod Christy

Fitchburg State College, and Peterborough, NH

aline February 9, 2012 at 11:23 am

Dear Rod:

Please allow me to apologize for replying to your comment more than a year after your wrote it! I think that the Blog post you commented on was one of my first, and I’m just getting back to it–and saw that I had a comment to review. Imagine my surprise when I saw the date on your comment! Obviously, I have some work to do……

All that being said, I will be sure to pass your kind words on to my Dad. We are really proud of the strides we’ve made in addressing environmental issues at our own company as well as within the industry. So, thank you!

After two knee surgeries, Dad is no longer playing basketball, but he does enjoy skiing in the winter (especially with my oldest daughter, who is now 5) and golfing in the summer. He’s keeping busy and seems to enjoy leaving the running of the company in my hands!

I hope this finds you well. Do take care.

Aline Gadue Stirling

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