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The Ultimate Combination: Dry Cleaning, Wet Cleaning, Laundry and Spot Cleaning

by aline on February 16, 2014

The Ultimate Combination: Dry Cleaning, Wet Cleaning, Laundry and Spot Cleaning

When we receive a garment here at Gadue’s Dry Cleaning and assess its needs, we choose one of four cleaning tracks—dry cleaning, wet cleaning, laundering, or spot cleaning—or a combination of them.

At the most basic level, dry cleaning, wet cleaning, and laundering share a certain general approach: a solvent and a detergent (dry cleaning) or water and a particular kind of detergent (wet cleaning and laundering). Spot cleaning marks a real meeting of science and artistry, and demands that many more decisions be made to achieve the desired result.

Sometimes a piece of clothing requires more than one approach. For example, we might dry clean a shirt to remove grease stains before we launder it. The Gadue’s approach takes into account the type of fabric, its condition, and a host of other factors to determine a cleaning strategy.

Our dry cleaning items cycle through dry cleaning machines with SolvonK4 and Kreussler’s special detergent, ClipK4. We’ll direct other clothes through wet cleaning machines to be cleaned with water and the appropriate mixture of Kreussler’s wet cleaning products, which include Avant, Aktiv, and Apret.

Laundered items, meanwhile, get cleaned in industrial washing machines using water and Kreussler’s specialized laundry detergent, Trebon.

Spot cleaning actually refers to two different processes. “Spot clean only” is a fine-tuned protocol we most commonly apply to garments too delicate to withstand an immersion process such as dry or wet cleaning. It takes a magical combination of chemistry and artistry to pull this off: the requisite chemicals must be applied, the stains eliminated, and those cleaning ingredients removed—all without a rinse in either dry cleaning solvent or water.

“Spot cleaning”  is really stain removal: an ever-ongoing part of the production process wherein we address those stains too stubborn for dry or wet cleaning alone. This means rolling up our sleeves and doing the work by hand.

Our extensive stain removal chemicals come into greatest play in the two spot cleaning strategies. Gadue’s takes fabric, dye colors, and stain composition into account in order to craft an acute cleaning roadmap. A red silk blouse with a wine stain requires different steps to remove that blemish—and protect the garment—than tan cotton pants with the same sort of stain.

Gadue’s has the experienced staff, top shelf machinery, and absolute commitment to quality customer service to completely handle whatever sort of item you want to bring to us for cleaning. We love the challenge—and the looks of satisfaction on our clients’ faces!

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