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You Pay No More For Home Delivery Than For Service At Our Stores

by aline on December 23, 2013

Why pickup and drop off your own clothes, pay for the required gasoline and fight the cold? Especially when, for no extra charge, we’ll retrieve your garments from your home and return them to you cleaned, dried, and pressed to your exact specifications.

That kind of convenience is nice any time of year, but all the more so during the Vermont winter. On a bitingly cold, snowy, blustery day, (or after an ice storm) why not have us brave the elements to clean your clothes while you stay warm and toasty?

Home Delivery DriversMeet The Drivers

Our delivery personnel take great pride in their job—everybody at Gadue’s does—and we’re sure you’ll appreciate their unfailing friendliness and politeness. A customer had this to say about one of our drivers, Bill: “I wanted to let you know how refreshing it is (as a self-employed business person) to see the excitement and commitment Bill has for his customers and his job … His enthusiasm is impossible to not notice.”

How Our Guarantees Apply To Home Delivery

Remember, too, that our “Request Assured” and “Ready-to-Wear, Ready-on-Time” guarantees—cornerstones of Gadue’s service—apply just as reliably to home delivery as in-store orders. That means you’ll have your garments cleaned and prepared to perfection in a timely manner, and any special requests will be carefully attended to.

Free Home Pick Up & Delivery – The Basics

To take advantage of our free pickup and delivery offer, just fill out this short online form with your pertinent details. Then, we’ll start picking up and dropping off your spotless, spiffy-looking apparel. A minute or two is really all it takes to get started!

If you’ve done business with Gadue’s before, you know how much we care about providing excellent customer service. Free home pickup and delivery is part of our commitment—and it’s something really worth your time to take advantage of when there’s nothing but cold and grey outside!

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